American Heritage Badge Program

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The Christian Waldschmidt Homestead and the Camp Dennison Civil War Museum have developed an American Heritage Badge program for the Boy Scouts.

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To meet the requirements of the American Heritage Merit Badge, the following will be accomplished:

Requirement 1 (a)- A map will be made of the Northwest Territory area known as New Germany.

Requirement 2 (a)- The National Registry of Historical Places will be discussed. The Christian Waldschmidt Homestead will be presented as a Historical Place and its selection criteria will be discussed.

Requirement 3- The National Emblems will be discussed. There will be a special presentation on the flag, the five pointed star, and the Betsy Ross flag by a Son of the American Revolution.

Requirement 4 (d)- The Third Annual Address of Thomas Jefferson to the Combined House of Congress, October 17, 1803, will be offered for discussion.

Requirement 4 (f)- Cartoons and political satire of the period will be presented. The Scouts will prepare two examples of cartoons/satire representing that of the period. The topic may be an event that occurred during the time line, or a contemporary event illustrated in the fashion of the period of the time line.

Requirement 4 (j)- A tour will be taken in both House Museums on the property; the Christian Waldschmidt House and the Civil War Museum. Additionally, the Scouts will be "mustered in" to the colonial militia as soldiers of the Revolution by uniformed members of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Requirement 4 (k)- A time line will be made.

Requirement 5 (b)- The role of the Daughters of the American Revolution in historic preservation at the local, state, and national levels will be discussed. The project the Scouts will be assigned will be to aid the DAR by taking brochures to share with their families, and also with their social studies teachers, to encourage field trips to the Museum and participation in the special events hosted by the Homestead.

Dates & Times

All requirements will be met in one afternoon session, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Merit badge counselors will present the materials and sign advancement cards.

Each session will accommodate a maximum of 45 Scouts (minimum of ten). For groups with children under 16 years of age, a ratio of one adult per 12 children is required.